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  This is a site which lists only sites which refer to travel in and around Crete. This site, and many others, is listed here, and they are ranked for popularity. You can vote for 'Welcome to Plakais' by clicking here.
  Peter Thompson, the site author, has put together a very comprehensive catalogue of walks and rides in Crete, so many centered on the Plakias area. There's also a lot of advice for travelers.

Plakias Youth Hostel



Chris, the manager of the Youth Hostel has got his place on the net live, and ready for all to see. Take a look at the site - and use the following email contacts - just click on the orange name

the boss, Frederikos,
the manager, Chris
enquiries about the hostel
people staying here and locals

  Kalypso Diving which has an office in the center of the village Plakias. Hoping to try it this year!
  The only UK based company currently offering holidays in Plakias.
  With offices in Plakias and Rethymno, and facilities for advance bookings - car rental, accommodation etc. Site includes a good list of apartments etc. in Plakias.
  German site about our favourite town. Sorry I can't comment further - my German is worse than my Greek - but there are some good pictures!
  This wonderful new site gives a full history of the Monastry, location map, pictures and details of the architecture and museum. Visit the site - and make sure you see the monastery while you're there.
  Well designed web guide to Crete - good to browse if you intend travelling around the island.
  The Crete Web page. Again, good for those who intend looking around.
  Yiannis, the site author is resident on this beautiful island, and rightly proud of his surroundings and people. He maintains a site packed with useful information about the island, people, language etc.
  Crete - Island in the Wine Dark Sea. Written by Raymond, a member of our Forums, this extensive site includes a large range of articles and video clips of interest to other Crete lovers.
  In English and German - Excellent, information packed site for visitors to Crete - emphasis on the western end.
  In English and Greek. This is the WebPage of Stigmes, a magazine for all those who live in and love the island. Varied, interesting articles.
  Erno, the webmaster, is a Dutch guy who is as mad on Sfakia as I am on Plakias. Check this out if you want somewhere else on Crete to visit.
  Beautifully produced site, in Greek and English. This is a specialist site for those into rock climbing. Plakias does get a mention: the routes at the east end of the bay are listed, and there are some good photos. As one who has often lounged on the beach watching the climbers tackle this rock, I found it fascinating. Give it a try!
  Want to know the weather conditions? Just click here. Daily and 14 day forecast. Remember - Plakias weather can vary considerably from other parts of the island!
The name says it all!
  This is the linkpage to the website Isle Strolling in Greece. Written by a Norwegian guy, who must have tons of time to spare. The page starts with links referring to the different Islands, including Crete of course. Scroll down, and you will find information about food, ferries, language - you name it!
Easter is the most important of the religious festivals. Find out what to expect if you are fortunate to be in Greece at this time.
  Wonderful, in depth site about all aspects of Cretan music, including some clips which you can listen too. Loads of links too for further details.
Translation between the two languages - fascinating - and it works!
  It's not an easy language - but this site is a great help!
  A little more basic than above, but a good place to start. Has a good list of basic words! There are sections for other languages and links too.
  How to read, write, print and email in Greek.
General information on travel and tourism issues in Greece.
All these sites are written and maintained by Matt Barrett who clearly loves Greece as much as I do. He has so much information on line!
  Many people visit Plakias for the facility to go nude at the far end of the beach. There are other nearby nudist beaches listed here, and details of those all over Greece at 'Cap'n Barefoot's Naturist Guide to the Greek Islands', the most comprehensive collection of information about naturist beaches in Greece on the Net.
The personal website of Don and Linda Freedman, who have compiled some interesting travelogues, advice to travelers etc. Well worth a visit!