The Town  
Plakias is a lovely town. Not the prettiest I’ve seen, not the biggest or the smallest, it is just right for me. It is growing, or perhaps I should say ‘modernising’, but not too fast, and still retains a simplicity I like. It is a good place to relax for a couple of weeks – or to use as a base to explore the surrounding countryside and beaches, if you like a more active holiday. It is very popular in May, as the flora then is spectacular, and it is not too hot for walking. June and especially July and August are for chilling on the beach. September and October are more comfortably warm.

I need a good picture to go here - any sugestions?

The town is built alongside a single street, which runs by the beach. Follow this along, past the small harbour (where you can get a boat to several other beaches) and you’ll end up on a rough track leading to Souda Bay (nice beach) after about 3km. With the sea on one side, and the shops and hotels on the other, you never feel far from the beach. Small roads lead off the main street, with apartments, shops, tavernas etc. to catch your attention. Follow one of these small streets as far as you can, and you'll probably end up in an olive grove, and there are tracks that lead up to the villages of Mirthios and Sellia, nestling in the hills. Mirthios is really unspoilt, and there is an excellent taverna there which makes the walk worth the effort. (Take a torch if you are walking down again in the dark)
I need a good picture to go here - any sugestions? Everything you need is available in Plakias – shops, supermarkets, plenty of places to eat and drink, and two discos. There is no bank yet – but you can easily change money in most places. At last, there are now three cash machines in the village, all along the main street. About half way along, there's one at the Auto Prevelli Office next to the Platia Bar. Walk a little further and you'll find one at Allianthos Car Hire. The last is at the Alianthos Beach Hotel, right on the corner to the left of reception. Generally, they are fairly reliable - but have been known to run out of cash, so always keeps a few Euros spare! There are several travel agents – which are the places to check first if you want to do an excursion. You may well find prices a lot cheaper than those offered by your holiday company’s reps.